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Wrap Party Overcomes Financial Difficulties

The Wrap Party proves successful despite a potential deficit

The Wrap Party was a convention principally based around the Babylon 5 TV show, and was held in the Radisson Edwardian Hotel near London's Heathrow airport from 14 September to 16 September 1998. Guests included J Michael Straczynski (creator of Babylon 5), Harlan Ellison (creative consultant on the show), James White (SF author) and Jack Cohen (biologist, and consultant to many SF authors).

By all accounts, the convention was a success, and brought a welcome infusion of new blood and new ideas into the UK conrunning community. However, the pre-registered membership was not enough to cover the projected costs, and the committee were facing a potential shortfall of around £8,000 (which had already been covered by committee members) if insufficient walk-in memberships were received. These walk-ins did not turn up, but several of the guests (over the protests of some of the committee) held an auction of trips to visit such places as Harlan Ellison's house and the sets of the new Babylon 5 spin-off, Crusade, raising enough money to cover the full deficit.

-- Mike Scott

01 Sep 1998

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