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About PNN

The Plokta News Network is intended to provide news and comment about science fiction fandom. We plan to update weekly, or more often if something really exciting happens. For more information about the sixty year history of SF fandom, follow some of the references on the Links page. PNN does not provide comprehensive news about the SF field as a whole, merely those parts of it that are of interest to the fan community.

Send us your news! Even better, attach photos. See our Contribution Guide first.

Recent changes to the site, other than the addition of new articles, can be found on the What's New page.

The structure of this site may change, and the whole site may move. Please link to or bookmark the index page rather than an individual article. Previous articles will remain available from the Archive wherever possible.

What is science fiction fandom anyway? This topic could fill a book, and probably has. Suffice it to say that if a subject would be on topic in the Usenet group rec.arts.sf.fandom, it's probably within our remit. We hail from the area of SF fandom that reads books, writes fanzines and runs conventions for other people who hang around with people who pretend to do these things. We eat too much, drink too much, and don't wash behind our ears. And we trace our roots back to the first fans who wrote letters to SF magazines in the twenties and thirties.

Our multiple award-losing fanzine Plokta is also available both on the web and on paper. It contains articles on a wide range of fannish subjects. Articles from Plokta may turn up on PNN from time to time, and vice versa.

PNN is a production of the Plokta Cabal. The Plokta and PNN webmaster is Mike Scott. The editors of Plokta are Alison Scott and Steve Davies. The cabal also contains Sue Mason, Giulia de Cesare, Steven Cain, Marianne Cain and George the Cat. A complete (if slightly out of date) guide to the cabal can be found in Plokta.

This site uses the free font Verdana, available for Windows & Mac at the Microsoft Free Fonts page. If you can't or don't wish to use this font, it should also look just fine with your default fonts, unless you've set them to WingDings.

PNN uses HTML 4.0 and cascading stylesheets level 1. It is designed to look as good as possible with older or text-based browsers, and to be usable and legible with any browser. Please email the Webmaster if there are any problems with reading the site using your browser.

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