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Philadelphia Wins 2001 Worldcon

The Philadelphia bid for the 2001 Worldcon beats the Boston in Orlando bid

The site selection vote at Bucconeer, the 1998 Worldcon, selected Philadelphia to host the 2001 Worldcon, which is to be called The Millennium Philcon. Philadelphia beat the Boston for Orlando bid by around 200 votes.

There is some controversy about the reason for the Philadelphia victory against a seemingly strong Boston bid. Was it the geographical factor, with Philadelphia a mere 90 miles from Baltimore, compared with over 700 miles for Orlando? Was it the rumours (hotly denied by the Boston committee) of alcohol and costume bans in hotels on a Disney site? Or was fandom simply overwhelmed by the mass of pink flamingoes piled from floor to ceiling in the Boston for Orlando bid parties?

The Millennium Philcon's guests are Greg Bear (Author), Stephen Youll (Artist), Gardner Dozois (Editor), George Scithers (Fan) and Esther Friesner (Toastmaster).

-- Mike Scott

31 Aug 1998

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