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1998 Nova Award Results

The 1998 Nova awards for British fanzine activity have been presented

The Nova awards are given annually to the best British fanzine, fan writer and fan artist of the previous year, based upon a vote of the Novacon membership. This year's have been awarded as follows:

Best Fanzine:

  1. Banana Wings, edited by Claire Brialey & Mark Plummer
  2. Plokta, edited by Steve Davies & Alison Scott
  3. Gotterdammerung, edited by Mark McCann, Tommy Ferguson, James McKee & Eugene Doherty

Best Fan Writer:

  1. Maureen Kincaid Speller
  2. Claire Brialey
  3. Mark Plummer

Best Fan Artist:

  1. D West
  2. Sue Mason
  3. Dave Hicks

Banana Wings has now won the Nova three years in a row, an unprecedented hat-trick, and Claire and Mark will therefore have to run the 2004 Worldcon.

The second and third places are subject to confirmation. PNN will list the full voting figures when they are available from Tony Berry, the Nova award administrator.

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Maureen Kincaid Speller
Maureen Kincaid Speller accepting her award

Claire Brialey & Mark Plummer
Claire looks delighted and Mark looks embarrassed

-- Mike Scott

15 Nov 1998

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