Issue 24
Volume 6 Number 3
August 2001

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 •  Blessed are the Breadmakers
 •  The Pitter-Patter of Tiny Feet
 •  If Life Gives You Citroëns, Make Lemonade
 •  Many Happy Returns
 •  This Is Your Captain Speaking
 •  Lokta Plokta
 •  Lost
 •  Making Hay While the Sun Shines

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Making Hay While the Sun Shines

JO WALTON & EMMET O'BRIEN chose one of the loveliest days of summer to get married. Dozens of fans joined them to spend the weekend hanging around Hay on Wye, punctuating pleasant meals and conversations with the odd bout of bookshopping. The Swan Hotel was the perfect backdrop, and all in all, it was very reminiscent of Brecons in the mid-eighties. However, the Plokta cabal were the only people who remembered that.

Jo and Emmet
The happy couple

The Reception
Standing around in the sunshine

The denizens of rec.arts.sf.fandom had appeared, blinking, from all over the world.

James Nicoll
Do not give this man a Stanley knife

James Nicoll met with no accidents whatsoever while at the wedding, but did attempt to persuade us all of the merits of lakeside property many miles north of Toronto, in a community whose main claim to fame, apart from the spent uranium mine, is giant radioactive man-eating flies.

The Continent was represented by Susana Serras Pereira, brandishing huge, Ecky-Thump style chorizos, and Anna Feruglio Dal Dan, not noticeably carrying any charcuterie at all.

Susana and Anna
Proving that posters exist outside of Usenet

Head, Shoulders and Sword Arm above your ordinary wedding cake; Comparable to lembas at its best; Destined to be a Masterpiece
Make sure you read the
wedding cake, said everyone

Mary Kay holding up a book

Unlike most weddings, this one had programme items. Mary Kay Kare appears here at the "What I bought in Hay" panel, while Paul, Maureen and Jordin look on.

Sasha reading his speech
Are best men supposed to
have slept with the bride?

Sasha took his responsibilities as Best Man very seriously, giving a fine speech after dinner.

Tom Womack in a dinner jacket
Gosh, doesn't he scrub up well?

Tom Womack decided to show us all how we should dress for the occasion.

Sue Mason and Mary Kay Kare
Sue and Mary Kay enjoying the
 champagne sunshine.

Colette Reap asleep
It all felt a little bit too much for Colette

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