The Plokta News Newt

So What is PNNewt?

PNNewt, pronounced "newt", is the printed version of the Plokta News Network. It's produced so that Alison Scott and other Plokta cabal members have something to hand out at the Dead Nurse (the London SF fan meeting) on the first Thursday of the month. It's not identical to the content on the website. Some items are shortened, and others are expanded. Particularly time-dependent items are normally removed, along with overly webby stuff that wouldn't work on paper.

How can I get a copy?

You can download it in .pdf from here, and you can print it out and give it to your friends if you like, eg at your local fan gathering. We'd be interested to know if you do this.

No, I mean how do I get a paper copy?

You run into Alison at the Dead Nurse, or other events, and she'll give you a copy if she has some. It's not generally available; it's an ephemeral zine. Our proper fanzine Plokta is available for the usual.

Why don't you do an HTML version of PNNewt?

It would be superfluous. Hang on, that's not a reason. Because it's quite enough work producing a printed version of a website. We can just about grok putting up a .pdf version of a printed version of a website, so that other people can print it off. But a webpage based on the .pdf version of a printed version of a website would be, well, silly.

How many PNNewts have you done?

There have been five issues so far.

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