We've sent you Plokta because:
You have been maligned in this fanzine, Your Royal Highness
You have been maligned in this fanzine, commoner
Your letter warmed the cockles of our heart
We suspect you may be a Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat and we need you for a captive breeding programme
We think we're trading with you; it was this or $24 in beads
You asked for a copy. Dr Plokta will be round to take your temperature shortly
We understand you do a fine fannish publication, and we'd like to trade
Loc now or be consigned to Antarctica with only penguins for company
You're known to be fond of caffeine or alcohol
Dr Plokta wants you to help him achieve world domination
Only six people in your postcode area have been chosen to receive this unique fanzine (NB: Does not apply to E17 or CB1)
We have a baby for sale, cheap. Little used, two careful owners
You are Kev McVeigh and you could just have asked for a copy
HELLO! asked us to do a photospread about you
Don't panic; it was all a mistake.
You're a beneficiary of our Fanzines For Australia Appeal
We think you're warped; you can blame your parents
Kung Hei Fat Choy
You were a zombie dachshund in a previous life


Marianne doing the Astral Pole
Inside - beginner's guide to the Astral Pole

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