Attitude. The pitter-patter of tiny feet. The merry sound of cranking duplicators. Aaargh! Here we are... middle-aged gamers on antacid. If everything goes according to plan we should be breaking with tradition and handing out copies of the fanzine at the con, so I don't suppose we can expect any locs. But Pam assures us that everyone coming to Attitude is exactly the sort of involved, responsive fan who will take the fanzine home and immediately sit down and write to us. Goodness knows how she knows this, as she wrote her last loc in 1982.

The rest of you will just have to have it sporadically and late in the normal way. After we'd promised to get the overseas ones out quicker this time, the arrival of a bouncing baby Pod made it slower than ever. Sorry. Marianne is, as far as we can tell, quite a charming baby, but is even less help getting a fanzine out than George the cat. Admittedly George also wants feeding continuously, but at least he's toilet trained. Plus his food comes out of a tin. It's hard to type while breast-feeding. A few months ago Jackie Duckhawk said that Plokta was an ideal fanzine for reading in bits in between looking after a small baby. I can now attest to its suitability for writing in bits similarly.

You will have noticed from the cover that this is a crossover issue; not with HELLO! itself, but with its Australian sister publication. For more details, turn to page 6.

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