Issue 23
Volume 6 Number 2
May 2001

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 •  Cover Illustration
 •  Editorial
 •  An Appraisal of the Utility of a Chocolate Teapot
 •  Referee's Comments
 •  Bridget Plokta's Diary
 •  The Simulacra
 •  Lokta Plokta
 •  All Your Catfood Are Belong To Us
 •  Census Results

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Census Results

THIS issue of Plokta will be mailed to 289 people. More or less. Not counting all you web readers out there, sometime in mid-2003 (on current schedule). We've now collated the returns from the 2001 Plokta census. Thanks to the 276 of you who returned your forms on time. We've asked Gail Courtney to handle the severe penalties for the other 13, so you should be hearing from her any day now. Initial results appear below. Why are you receiving Plokta? Well, 5 of you asked for it, and the rest get it whether they want it or not. We are trading for 83 fanzines, a dozen of which are e-zines but the rest of which come on nice solid paper. One of these appears to be the copy of Izzard 9 which Steve picked up off the fanzine table at Paragon.

Readers who voted for us in the Novas


Readers who voted for us in the Hugos


Readers who would have voted for us if only they hadn't been too busy drinking at the time


Readers who've been cut off the mailing list this issue


Readers who will be cut off if they don't loc us damn quickly


Readers who would go to bed with Tobes if sufficiently drunk


Readers who, if Kev McVeigh were the last man on Earth, would cultivate cucumbers


Readers who would like to see more cute baby pictures in the fanzine


Readers who would like to see more cute cat pictures in the fanzine


Readers who have shamefully bought their way onto the mailing list


Readers who are only getting the fanzine because they happen to be the Nova administrator


Readers who are trading for spicy date and banana cake


Readers who have recently sent us moose of comment


Readers who have been Leather Goddesses of Academia


Readers whose graduate students have looked up their Leather Goddess photo on the Internet

(so far)

Readers who are permanently kept on the mailing list because they've been GoH at a con run by the Cabal


Readers who are permanently kept on the mailing list because we know there's not a hope in hell of them ever getting round to contributing but we like to know they're getting the fanzine

7 (ish)

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