Scavenger Hunt

In the interests of greater reader interaction, encouraging conspicuous consumption, and getting weird stuff in the post, we announce the Plokta Scavenger Hunt. A bottle of perfectly acceptable champagne (or suitable equivalent for non-drinkers) to the Plokta reader who sends us (at the usual address) the greatest number of items from the list below before Easter 1998. In the event of a tie, bonus points will be awarded, entirely arbitrarily, for demonstrating a twisted imagination, a sick sense of humour or a superfluity of moose. As an incentive all entrants will be guaranteed to be safe from being culled from the mailing list for at least a year. We may print part or all of any or all entries in a future issue of Plokta. Dr Plokta's decision is final and we regret that correspondence will be entered into.

We want:

  1. A picture of yourself as a baby.
  2. A postage stamp with a cat on it.
  3. A beermat advertising a cask conditioned bitter.
  4. A moose-related artefact that we don't already have. In the interests of road safety in Sweden, we should point out that we already have a full-size "Beware of moose" road-sign.
  5. A pre-support badge for a losing convention bid.
  6. A Hugo nominee ribbon.
  7. The ingredients panel from a packet of Twinkies.
  8. A matchbook with an SF connection (please remove the matches before sending it to us).
  9. A picture postcard depicting an elf.
  10. A page from an IKEA catalogue showing a black Billy bookcase.
  11. A tasteless Diana memento.
  12. At least 4 square inches of glittery fabric for Giulia's boudoir.
  13. Something that glows in the dark.
  14. An 8" floppy disk.
  15. As a final tie-breaker, something really strange.

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