This is the final programme for <plokta.con> Release 3.0.


11:00: Opening Ceremony
With Charles Stross, the Plokta Cabal, and a subservient moose.

11:30: In the Beginnings
"His name was Gaal Dornick, and he was just a country boy who had never seen Trantor before"; "He was 170 days dying and not yet dead"; "It was a dark and stormy night". What makes a good (or bad) beginning to a work of fiction? Charles Stross, Michael Abbott and Chris Donaldson open the programme with a discussion of openings, and attempt to come to a conclusion. A panel, moderated by Peter Wareham.

13:00: Lunch

14:00: GoH Interview
Cory Doctorow interviews Charles Stross.

15:00: Mars 3D: The Red (and Green) Planet
Simon Bradshaw reviews the last four months on and around Mars, complete with glorious 3D (Mars pics, not just Simon).

16:00: Why Change History?
Cheryl Morgan, Charles Stross, Tanya Brown and others discuss the reasons for using an alternative history as a fictional setting.

17:00: Pirates 2 Pirates
These days pirates are more likely to be found at the end of a broadband connection than opening chests of rum on the high seas. Lilian Edwards, Cory Doctorow, Andrew Ducker and Spike Parsons discuss the future of intellectual property rights on-line, or to put it another way, is there one?

18:00: Dinner

20:00: Belly Dancing Workshop
Sue Mason runs another of her popular belly dancing workshops.

21:30: Fan Fund Auction
In which we bring out all the same old tat in the hope that you're more drunk this time. Donations of anything that you didn't get in a fan fund auction are welcome.

23:00: Call My Blush
Sue Mason comperes an item that we have stolen from the Eastercon. Except that weÕre using The Encyclopaedia of Unusual Sex Practices for the definitions. The boysÕ team includes Brian Ameringen and John Dowd; the girls are Ang Rosin, Krystyna Oborn and Fran Dowd.


10:30 : Dancing Till My Feet Don't Touch The Ground
Alison Scott runs a Dance Dance Revolution / Dancing Stage Euromix workshop, the fitness regime for couch potatoes, assisted by Ang Rosin. Suitable for absolute beginners and people who've been playing forever. Come along and bring your feet and a good sense of timing.

12:00: Twisty Little Interests
Giulia de Cesare runs an audience participation quiz, in the garden if the weather is OK.

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Fannish Eye for the Mundane Guy
Lilian Edwards (style), Giulia de Cesare (fashion), Steve Davies (superfluous technology) and Steve Lawson (general all round truff) advise the almost mundane Andrew Ducker on boosting his fannish street cred.

15:00: What Media Will Be Fannish Next?
Buffy is gone. Angel is going. The Lord of the Rings movies have finished. What movies and TV shows will be next to absorb the attention of fandom? Margaret Austin, Martin Easterbrook, Geneva Melzack and Eddie Cochrane discuss.

17:00: The Year in SF
Mike Scott, Claire Brialey and Julian Headlong discuss 2003's crop of SF novels, with particular reference to the 2004 Hugo nominees.

18:00: Dinner

19:00: Pirate Night
A movie backdrop to much piratical silliness. Parrots welcome.

21:00: Fanzine Reviews In The Bath
Alison Scott and her bathing companions discuss recent fanzines. As she's not had many fanzines lately, she'll also consider blogs, e-zines and LiveJournal.

22:00: I'm Sorry I Haven't A Leg To Stand On
Two teams compete to see who are the better pirates. We have press-ganged Chris O'Shea and Alice Lawson to compete with Dave Hicks and Tony Keen. Moderated by the Dread Pirate Scott.


11:00: pohskroW sdrawkcaB
Steven Cain shows you how to live your life in reverse. We nicked this idea from Damn Fine Con

12:00: Fanzines In The Net
'"In five years, the printer will be obsolete," said the salesman.' Is there still any point in printing 250 copies of your fanzine and putting them in the post (or not putting them in the post, in Alison's case)? Lilian Edwards, Tony Keen, Mark Plummer, Christina Lake and Flick continue a discussion from a LiveJournal comment thread.

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Reading
Charles Stross reads from some of his new and forthcoming works. This is also your best chance to get books signed.

15:00: Computer Art
Alison Scott, Feorag and Doug Spencer explain why you shouldn't believe your eyes and show you how it's done.

16:00: Ploktaing the Worldcon
The Cabal are running the fan room and fan programme at Interaction. What should we be doing? Come along and tell us.

17:00: Closing Ceremony
It's been fun. Now we're going to go away and sleep for a week.

20:00: Jump The Shark Party (in the bar)