<plokta.con> Release 2.0, June 1-3 2002, Basingstoke

OK, the convention's over

Everyone seemed to have a nice time. Steve has put up a page with lots of photos on it.

We have a couple of con reports so far:

I haven't yet updated the list of members below to include our walk-ins; I'll do it when I get organised.

(...and about bloody time too)

OK. Here's where we tell you all the essential information about Release 2.0 and apologise for not letting you know six months ago. We have, in point of fact, got our act together now. Definitely.


The con will be over the four day bank holiday celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee. God Bless You Ma'am. The four day weekend is Saturday 1 - Tuesday 4 June, and the convention programming will start on Saturday morning and finish early on Monday evening. We will, however, be in the bar on Friday night, and no doubt on Monday night as well.

Very Important Note. This holiday replaces the ordinary UK Spring Bank Holiday, and is a week later than usual. Americans note: it's also a week later than Memorial Day, so you can attend your favourite Memorial Day con and then come over and see us the following week.


We are holding the con at the Hilton Basingstoke, which is in Basingstoke, Hampshire. This hotel has been used by cons before (notably the 2002 filk con), and is pleasant, friendly to fans, and has a health club and swimming pool. It also has a garden, and we're hoping to have some outdoor activities if the weather is nice.

The room rates are £29.50 per person per night for twin or double, £39.50 per person per night single, including VAT and full English breakfast. We'd like you to book directly with the hotel, quoting the convention rate and telling them you're with Plokta.

Hilton Basingstoke
Old Common Road
Black Dam
RG21 3PR

Tel: (01256) 460460
Fax: (01256) 840441

How to get there

A map with an arrow pointing at the hotel can be found here.

Basingstoke is on a direct train line from London Waterloo station, with trains several times an hour taking 45 minutes. The hotel is about a mile from the station.

By car, take junction 6 off the M3. At the Black Dam Roundabout, take exit marked Alton. Take slip road on left towards Eastrop. Take first left over bridge, turn right at T-junction. Hotel will be on left hand side. From the M4, exit at junction 11. Follow A33 towards Basingstoke, then A339 to Alton. At Black Dam Roundabout see above.

Basingstoke is between Heathrow and Gatwick. From Heathrow, National Express 32 bus takes 50 minutes and runs roughly every two hours. From Gatwick, take the slower train to London Victoria (not the Gatwick Express) and change at Clapham Junction. This takes about one hour 25 minutes.

Guest of Honour

We're delighted to announce that our guest of honour is John Meaney, author of To Hold Infinity and Paradox, and master of the mid-air splits. Both novels (though not the splits) were shortlisted for the BSFA award, and To Hold Infinity was chosen as one of the Daily Telegraph's Books of the Year. Dave Langford wrote "His sustained inventiveness continues to dazzle". His new novel, Context, is due out only a tiny bit too late for us to host the launch party. Rats.

Photo of John Meaney by Alex McLintock
John admiring the Jim Burns cover for Paradox

If you'd like a sample of John's work, buy his books. But if you're a mean bugger, here's a short story, "Sanctification".

John is also a black belt in karate, which should come in handy if <plokta.con> is invaded again by rugby players on Saturday night.

So what is there to do in Basingstoke, then?

We were afraid you would ask us that.

Oh, come on. Surely you can give us some tips?

We're working on it. Why not visit The Wholly Incomplete Plokta Guide to Basingstoke?


<plokta.con> is being run by the Plokta cabal, the group of people who bring you Plokta and brought you Fourplay, Confabulation and <plokta.con> release 1.0. We are Alison Scott, Steve Davies, Mike Scott, Sue Mason, Giulia De Cesare, Steven Cain, kids Marianne and Jonathan, and our illustrious Chaircat, George.


The draft programme is now online.

Like the last one, it will include some serious discussion of science fiction, mixed in with a great deal of fannishness and general frivolity. We will be less sercon than Seccond, and less daft than Aliens Stole My Handbag. In honour of her Maj, we'll probably have some monarchy related stuff. We are firm believers in putting together the programme for a small fannish convention only a few weeks before the con. Good thing, really.


This is where you give us all your money. Membership of <plokta.con> costs £25.00 before the con and can be sent to:

Plokta, 24 St Mary Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 9RG, UK

Cheques payable to Plokta. Cabal members will be at the Dead Nurse in April and May. If joining by post, please make sure your cheque reaches us by 25 May. The walk-in rate will be higher. Small children (7 and under) are free (though let us know they're coming so we can make a badge), and medium sized ones (8-15) are half price. No unaccompanied under-16s.

If you don't have a chance to see us, and you don't live in the UK, let us know you're definitely coming and you can pay on the door at the pre-con rate.

Who's joined already?

Almost enough for us to break even. But we'd still like a few more. We think we've found all the cheques in Alison's study now, but if you believe you've joined but aren't on this list, let us know immediately and we'll make her tidy up. Names on this list are as we believe you want them on your badge. If you want something different, please let us know. And, just in case any of you had it in mind, it can't be "Tobes". Unless, of course, you happen to be Tobes.

Members as at 28 May 2002:

A3, Michael Abbott, Jae Leslie Adams, Brian Ameringen, Meriol Ameringen, Simon Amos, Harry Andruschak, aRJay, Austin, Margaret Austin, The Bellinghman, Tony Berry, Sandra Bond, Bridget Bradshaw, Simon Bradshaw, Claire Brialey, Tanya Brown, Jonathan Cain, Marianne Cain, Steven Cain, Paul Campbell, Caro, Avedon Carol, Cat Coast, Eddie Cochrane, Noel Collyer, Del Cotter, Robert Coward, Tony Cullen, John Dallman, Malcolm Davies, Steve Davies, Guy Dawson, Sue Dawson, Giulia De Cesare, Vince Docherty, Fran Dowd, John Dowd, Martin Easterbrook, Lilian Edwards, Doug Faunt, Moshe Feder, Flick, Susan Francis, Alison Freebairn, Gwen Funnell, George, Victor Gonzalez, Ann Green, Steve Green, Hal, Rob Hansen, Harry, Michelle Hiley, Paul Hiley, Chris Hill, Penny Hill, Anders Holmström, Julian Headlong, Colin Harris, Dave Hicks, Terry Hunt, Jodie, Kari, Tony Keen, Richard Kennaway, Debra Kerr, Tim Kirk, Dave Langford, Alice Lawson, Steve Lawson, Sheila Lightsey, The Magician, Sue Mason, Max, Alex McLintock, Pat McMurray, John Meaney, Yvonne Meaney, Melusine, Farah Mendlesohn, Nick Mills, Caroline Mullan, Phil Nanson, Spike Parsons, Bernie Peek, Mark Plummer, Colette Reap, John Richards, Roger Robinson, Yvonne Rowse, Alison Scott, Mike Scott, Robert Sneddon, Kate Solomon, Ian Sorensen, Square Bear, Marcus Streets, Rae Streets, Tilly Streets, Geri Sullivan, Charlotte Taylor, Kathy Taylor, Ian Taylor, Pete Tyers, Tobes, Paul Treadaway, Lennart Uhlin, Wag, Huw Walters, Peter Wareham, Anne Wilson, Tom Womack, Ωmega.

Total 106 adults, 7 small children, and 1 (non-attending) cat.

You can e-mail us at locs@plokta.com, with any other questions, any information, whatever.

You can see the pages for the previous con here.

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